We are looking for motivated and bright individuals that strive in a dynamic environment and are eager to contribute fresh ideas, learn new skills and meet challenges with enthusiasm.  


  • Works closely with infrastructure and software development teams to ensure the availability and performance of internal IT systems or beneficiaries.
  • Designs and implements release & deployment flows with a focus on quality, security, availability, scalability, and easy maintenance.
  • Ensuring the stability, resilience, and performance of IT systems by streamlining release-to-deployment mechanisms
  • Implements mechanisms for error management and monitoring of systems subject to CI/CD mechanisms
  • Implementation and maintenance of the middleware components of an IT system such as web servers, application servers, load balancers, secured communications (SSL), containers, integration with cloud services, other mechanisms for ensuring and testing application security.
  • End-to-end management of critical IT system’s availability and performance  


  • Experience in implementing and management of CI/CD systems, automation (Jenkins) and ensuring scalability of applications along distributed systems in private, public or hybrid environments
  • Extensive knowledge in the administration of Linux/Unix systems
  • Competences in orchestrating containers and microservice architectures with Kubernetes
  • Competencies in source code versioning, integration, deployment and configuration management (e.g. ansible)
  • Experience and skills in creating automation scripts in various software tools and languages (e.g. bash, powerscript, python, etc.)
  • A plus is the experience in implementing and using Java/.NET application monitoring tools (opensource or commercial) 


  • If you know somebody suitable for this position or if you want to apply, please send a detailed CV by e-mail: jobs@kontron.ro.

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