Many organizations have delivered workloads and processes to the cloud. Still, the level of securing the assets from cloud remains low. Cloud is a shared responsibility between the organizations and the cloud providers.

As organizations adopt new and more efficient cloud-based services and technologies to meet their business needs, cloud attack vectors become more complex and diversified.

S&T Romania is a leading system integrator and addresses Cyber Security through a various and comprehensive portfolio of market leading security solutions and highly experienced technical professional services.

S&T Romania portfolio covers the following solutions for protecting the cloud environments:

Public Cloud Protection:
  • Public IaaS Security for:
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud
    • Oracle Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
  • Secure Access Service Edge
Private Cloud Protection:
  • Private IaaS Security for:
    • VMWare NSX
    • Cisco ACI
    • Open Stack
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Protection:
  • Private IaaS Security for:
    • VMWare NSX
    • Cisco ACI
    • Open Stack

Considering a proactive approach focused on prevention, we offer a full range of Professional Security Services which ensures state-of-the-art and security best practices for customers including:

  • Consulting - identifying the key areas that require protection
  • Analysis - understanding the technical requirements
  • Design - proposing the best possible architecture
  • Implementation and fine-tuning - installation, configuration achieving best practices and integration with various other type of solutions
  • Support and maintenance