Despre software SCADA - INTEGRAXOR

     Ecava IntegraXor (IGX) is a SCADA software which connects in real-time a very wide range of industrial devices for measurement and control (PLCs, HMI, sensors, etc.). The data received is stored in various databases made available by the beneficiary and are used in setting alarms and to perform reports and forecasts.


The IntegraXor software is built web-based, and its use may be made, in a secured manner, by using any device for calculation connected to the Internet (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, etc).

Depending on the field of use and the client requirements, the IntegraXor interface may be customized by using the graphic module of the application.    


Advantages of Ecava IntegraXor:

1. It is integrated with all the brand-name PLCs existing on the market and most of the lesser known PLCs.

2. The Ecava IntegraXor company develops drivers and patches especially for S&T Romania for any type of newer PLS on the market or which is not yet in the list o PLCs accepted by this software.

3. It is an software independent from its operating environment. It operated very well both in the Windows environment and in Linux, and the access to the application may be easily secured.

4. IntegraXor uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to write the information in various databases. To store the information, any types of databases may be used , both the premium ones and free of charge the database variants. The application works very well with Oracle, SQL, my SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

5. IntegraXor is a universal SCADA software, which may be used both for the applications in the water and sewerage field and electric energy supply, gas distribution, thermal energy, foodstuff production, industrial production, oil, banking services, etc. This is proven by the implementations made in various industries for a large number of clients, such as Coca Cola, Hyundai, Emerson, British Petroleum, Bank of China.


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